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wikileaks – is it political?

Friday, December 31st, 2010

During the last weeks many news came out about wikileaks. I was really supprised that an online magazine like “Spiegel ONLINE” (Germany) speaks so positive about wikileaks. It expected that they stand behind the USA Goverment, as MasterCard, Paypal, Visa and the Bank of America. But it seams that even now some newspapers (NYT, The Guardian, Spiegel) do not do everything what the USA says. :-)

Well I am slightly off-topic .. the question is: is wikileaks a political organisation or not? To answer this question we do not need to thing too much. We have just to take a look at the work wikileaks does. What is that? Exactly – publishing news. There is indeed no bigger difference between a normal newspaper and wikileaks.

Wikileaks is just publishing what already exists. It is a messagener, but not the source of the information. So why is the US shooting at wikileaks by blocking everything they can block? The media that has published the contents of wikileaks are Spiegel, NYT and more .. wikileaks just gave up it’s face (=Julian Assange) to protect the source behind the information … but is that not human right? Being save in case of publishing a crime.


Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

I really dont like the way of fighting against wikileaks, what the goverment of the USA currently does. And furthermore I really dont like that Mastercard, Visa, Amazon, Paypal and even the Bank of America follow the call of the goverment and stop every relationship with wikileaks, which was quite good until the last publications.

So today, I saw this very cool video which was published via the twitter account of wikileaks. By the way: It’s a glad thing that facebook, twitter and google (= youtube) support wikileaks in a way of not ignoring.

By the way, Skelpo offered wikileaks to spent a mirror as well as others already did. I dont think business should deal with the political persons and goverments – but is wikileaks political? Is there any party behind of it? Of course some parties like the pirate ones or liberate ones support wikileaks, but wikileaks itself is independent of everything. It is just the messenger, no judgement. Wikileaks tries to keep the right of free press and free publications of information. This is nothing of political stuff, this is a human right world-wide. So we from Skelpo do not support politics, we support human rights of free press and free publications of information.