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A bit poetry – Poem without words.

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Based on a discussion I had today I am going to write a poem. The poem symbolizes the importance of spaces in our lives. We love to use lots of words to express things. But without space between the words we could not separate words from each other and we would have literally only “one long word”. Taking the principle I want to express how important space and breaks are in what we say. And especially in poetry which is meant to have a deeper meaning I think we should be more than careful about words.

Some poems are apparently only a few words long. Here now is a poem with the exact length of 1 space:

Space: ” ” written by Ralph Küpper, 2012 in London.

Please feel free to share this poem and distribute it’s deep meaning to share the importance of spaces!

Church – Just a sunday morning

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Well, I know what you think. “Not another article which wants to involve me in the church 24/7″. But this article is not about making you do anything or putting any pressure on you to become a better christian (I question we can become ‘better’ christians).

Church – what is that? Technically it is the body of christ, the entire unit of all christians on earth. So from what I understand with this definition it has not much to do with a strict form of a weekly meeting. In fact a weekly meeting is nothing Jesus is mentioning in the bible as something very important at all. What he does tell us though is that we need to gather and have community. Which way and how – completely different story. Please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want to say that a sunday morning service a bad thing is. But I do want to say that church is way more than that.

To get my point across I need to tell you from my past experiences especially the recent ones. If been living with a bunch of christians in the same house for almost a year. Having there different cultures, church-backgrounds and believes on the bible makes it quite interesting to discuss about topics. Speaking in tongues, predestination and whatever else you pick – it’s fun to see how different the church/body-of-christ can be! So myself I concluded that church is really NOT a sunday morning, NOT the building and NOTHING “in” a church – but really the community and gathering with christians. I want to encourage everyone who is annoyed by church to not see it as a certain group of people or a certain building but really as the collection of all christians international. If you don’t like “your” church, thats okay – just try to find christian friends, that’s as much church as the “usual” church.