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The evil post-modernity for christians

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Have you heard it as well? Post-modernity (which is the time-season we are living in) is made a big enemy for us christians. Why? Well lets take a look into what post-modernity is and what it stands for. To make it simple, post-modernity describes our society as it is today as a society where no absolute values are. Ethnic and moral are both relative and there is no absolute truth. You can question everything and nothing is right or wrong – just different in the viewers perspective.

So why is that so opposite to what christians think? Well, we do have absolute wrongs and rights and we claim to know the truth. How can this fit to our society? Or is it – as some christians say – that it does not fit at all and we must work ‘against the system’?

From my point of view I can combine the two of them quite easy. To speak quite open, I AM a very post-modern person. Questioning everything and everyone has been what I used to do all my life. And to see a fair amount of things as relative and not absolute. When we start seeing post-modernity as ‘the absence of absolute things’ we will quickly see that it does not agree to biblical views on life. But how about seeing post-modernity as a movement of “distrust and questioning”? Is it bad to distrust the bible and to question it? Well, to be honest I would not be a christian if I could not question the bible and distrust is somehow a very human thing to do.

The reason why I think we can and we actually should question the bible is: To get answers “why” the absolute things are right. How do we know it is absolute when we never question? If the bible is indeed God’s word than I say that it can stand our simple human questions! No reason to hesitate to question – but be aware of that the answers might be a bit more complex than what you expect. From my point of view I never got to a point where I could not find an answer for a question about the bible.

Feel free to question the bible but be open for answers, they are all there! :)

True worship – More than just music!

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

When I watch myself sitting in a church service the part that bores me most is for most cases the worship part. And it is not because I don’t “want” to worship or I don’t feel good. It is simply because I don’t like the music (not the lyrics) of most worship songs. It kind of reminds me on very boring old songs people sung 20-30 years ago. My own music tastes (mainly Rock) does just not fit to that.

But what does the bible tell us about worship? I’m not going to preach on these passages now but I just want to show them: Romans 12:1-2 talks about our bodies as holy sacrifices. Colossians 3:17 tells us that all we do or say should be in the name of our Lord Jesus.

In all passages which reference to worship as music (or dance) it seems to me more as a suggestion for a way of sharing emotions (Isn’t that one of the main purposes of music anyways?). It does not really say what ways of worship we have and which we “must” follow – it is more a suggestion which (apparently) most people agree on.

And don’t get me wrong, worship as music is great! It is just that somehow I do not identify with it (for most cases, not all the time). But how to worship otherwise then? Well if we take a look on that logically we will see the following. Worship is honoring God! Giving praise to him through something. Music is surely one way of doing that but there are plenty of others. We should never feel limited to music when it comes to worship – it never says that in the bible. Now let’s see how to worship generally. If we see worship as something that is dedicated to God then we must ALWAYS also consider what we ourselves do. I assume most people are really into worshipping through sinning really enjoy it. And thats how it is supposed to work! God doesn’t want us to feel forced to sing. He is someone who wants us to do things with our full heart and that only works if we agree to it ourselves! So true worship must be something that fits to what we have in our heart as well.

I will not tell you a list of things that are proper worship but I want to encourage you to look at yourself and to find things that YOU really like. And why not worshipping God through these? It doesn’t really matter if it is something no one else does – God doesn’t care about that.

If you worship God through what he has put into your heart and your personality and you do it only for him regardless of what everyone else thinks – than you have discovered what true worship is! :) (and you do not have to do it with others together – Worship is only about you and God – no one else!)