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Running for the glory of God – Running Worship

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

I started running to get to know a girl and I still run. But now I run only for the glory of God. My body as the temple of the holy spirit is a very important thing for me. To keep it fit and healthy is one of my top priorities in life and so run and eat healthy things (more or less ;) ).

Running as worship is awesome! You have all time and space you need to be alone with your father and creator IN THIS CREATION! In can deeply recommend it to everyone! :-)

Made for the battle

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

I just recently recognized how often women say “I do/don’t feel comfortable with that.”. For me that’s kind of a strange expression because I personally don’t “feel” as much as I think about things. Well that’s probably just a gender thing but it made me think about where I feel most comfortable. Generally it must be pretty tight up with what our passion is, what our heart beats for and what God has called/made us to do. When I look into my past and into recent situations where I certainly even “felt” comfortable I do see my passion in there: Fighting for justice.

So the question where I feel most comfortable I can boldly answer with: “In a battlefield.”. God made me to be a warrior for him and that’s what I’m gonna be – for real!

But what does it mean to be a warrior of God? Guys, honestly most of this stuff in this article is based on what John Eldridge writes in his book “Wild at heart” – if you haven’t read it: READ IT, it’s awesome! Well, back to topic. Being a warrior for God means to stand up for things that are right to do. To have the balls to open the mouth and protest against things that are not right. Fighting doesn’t necessarily involve physical fight (it might at some points) but it is a fight against yourself in the first place. You need to overcome the weak, false self-image that tells you “you don’t have it to do that” or “you are not made for this”. Once you overcome that you can start changing the world. It might be only a very small thing that you correct or change but imagine everyone would do that.

A good friend of mine just said to me “you are such a boy” and I corrected her “a man, not a boy”. She said that while I wrote this article and it made me think about if it is “childish” to see yourself as a warrior. But actually I realize now that it is not childish but rather “mature” to see yourself as something that high up. I mean it – of course – sounds over the top, thats clear. But the passion that lies behind and the energy that you get from it are way more important than any title. Besides no one should about what is childish or not – what count’s is what you actually “do”, not what you “say” or how you call it.

I close with a quote from John Eldridge: The world doesn’t need men who want to give what is needed, the world needs men who know what they can give.

Fight the battle of your heart!

Sex-talk Ministry!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

What the heck do I mean with that? Okay, let me tell you something. Independent from origin, religion, background and all these things most people are quite interested in sex. Especially young people and of course all singles. Interesting is that also both genders are interested even though women tend to hide their interest a bit more. ;-)

But I think you’d agree that there is a certain interest all over the place. So, now let’s say you are in a conversation and somehow you talk about sex (so as I did the other day). You – as a christian – have a complete different point of view on sex then secular people have. And thats where you start sharing the gospel quite simple. By saying “I don’t want to have sex before I marry someone” you immediately start to get people curious about why you think so. In my case the person kept asking questions about the “why” until I could explain her how I think about God’s idea of man and woman. From there on it is only a tiny step to explain the forgiveness of sin’s and all that fun stuff.

You should start “slow” though to mention God. I would not start with “God says”, but I would start with “I think” .. and try to keep God out of it for a little while. Otherwise you might appear as a naive bible fanatic (which should be true!) but it could/would limit you in talking about why “you yourself” agree to these things. But that’s also up to the conversation I just want to say that a focus on a “I think so and so because so and so and that’s all explained in the bible” will attract more people (as far as I can tell).

For me it worked quite a couple of times and I think every christian can and should use opportunities like these. And it is not limited on sex. I can be about alcohol, drugs, abortion and whatever else – as long as you have a topic that people appeal to it’s great! :)

Keep rock’n!