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Entrepreneur vs. Artist – Creative people!

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Just a few days ago a friend and business partner of mine and me we talking about what it means to be an entrepreneur. Somehow we concluded that it is not far away from being an artist and I want to show the similarities. For have a better understanding let’s just compare these two elements: Artists / Entrepreneur and Band / Company. What do an artist and an entrepreneur have in common? Both of them work not primarily for money (well it is appreciated and necessary but for the most part it is not the main aim of what both of them do). Both of them consequently might need to live on a lower level of lifestyle (at least in the beginning, you just don’t start being famous and rich). Artists write songs and want to share it with the world. True entrepreneurs create companies and products that help the world to move on. Okay let’s see what it is that bands and companies have in common. Both need a crew. There is the “true” band, the original members and there is the staff team that helps them (sound engineers, technicians, producers,…) and you find all these elements in a company too: You have the founders (original members) which lead and drive the company and then you the employees which are pretty much like the staff team of our band. They support the founders to reach their goal. And it is not said that any of the staff is less valued. Ask Phil Collins if he wants to change his main sound engineer … or ask Apple if they want to replace Tim Cook just for fun. Once you got into a unique place in a company or band you are irreplaceable (at least until a certain level).

Entrepreneurs as well as artists try to give something to the world. They don’t want to get money in the first place but rather give themselves and their talent to the world. And both are creative! A great product is equally creatively created as a great song is – just on different areas. Somehow our society does not share this opinion yet. At least there is no tax-releasing law for entrepreneurs while there is one for artists. If you need one and until what point is a different question but I personally see that there might be some sense to see both equally, even tax-wise.

All together I want to say that there are certain similarities with entrepreneurs and artists and that both primarily “give” to our society. The question is: Does this point of view change our attitude towards them?

A little testimony

Monday, November 5th, 2012

I’m not even sure if this story is worth writing but somehow I think I rather write too much than too little. Yesterday I hit a car – accidentally! I drove slowly down a street and somehow my mirror crashed into the other cars mirror (which was parked). My mirror is fine (nothing broken at all) but the other one was completely trashed. So I parked my car and had to call the police. I was really annoyed because I usually don’t hit cars even though my driving skills are supposed to be debatable. Well the police needed a while to get there and you need to know that it was in front of a church (was planned on going to the service). It was a sunday evening and in situations like that (it was dark) people tend to just drive away and not report an accident like that. So the policeman was pretty friendly to me because I did report that. Normally you need to pay 15 EUR ($20) for something like that (+ insurance stuff) for the police as a kind of penalty. But because I reported it and stood up for it honestly he told me that I don’t need to pay. Isn’t that amazing? He realized that it is a church because he asked me about it and then he told me that I don’t need to pay my penalty because he really liked my honesty. I find that really encouraging how god continues to work through us. Where ever this policeman (and his partner) are in life, they very practically saw the difference between secular people and christians and I believe that these little  things do make a huge difference in the bigger picture!