Being different

I consider myself different to most people – in fact to everyone. Well, some say thats good, some would not want to say that from themselves. Why is that? The other day I remembered myself when I was about 12-13 years old. I had just started working commercially on websites and successfully had my own website running. To do so I rented a server for that which costed 70 Euro each month. It did not take long until another one had to follow and so I had to pay 170 Euro each month. With 14! Well, tell me what you want but thats not how most 14-year-olds spent their money and therefor time. I grew with the responsibility of getting the money thats required for the server bills. Sometimes I struggled quite a lot because of that and I was thinking stuff like “Why aren’t you bringing newspapers to people? That’s so much easier and you actually earn money.”.

All of that brought me into the entrepreneur-mindset which in my eyes says: “Don’t work for money, work for a product to make the world a better place. Money? That’s just a number, doesn’t fulfilled you.” And I kept this mindset ever since. The only thing is – unfortunately – that all of us need money to live. It is maybe even the only thing that brings you back to reality sometimes.

Now I have two full-time employees and quite a few freelancers working for my company – Skelpo. The responsibility is even higher – the goal, motivation and spirit is still the same. And that’s why I now don’t want to as everyone else is. Having a safe job, safe money, safety where ever you look. Safety? That even exists? Maybe some things are safer but certainly not absolutely safe. But I can tell you one thing: My life is interesting, exciting and – most important – worth living for good! Thanks to god for all the blessings!