Because of the fact that I frequently say “every bet that this and this will happen?” I want to make it official and post my predictions for 2013 here – so that you actually can quote me on that ;)

  1. Apple’s quality will suffer continuously and so will the quality of apps for iOS.
  2. Games will develop as one of the main app categories for iOS.
  3. Apple’s stocks will go down but stay at a certain point
  4. Google will produce more and more own devices to keep up with Apple.
  5. Samsung as well as Android will improve and reach more and more of the market.
  6. Android Apps will be with higher quality and slowly people will start to pay for them.
  7. Cloudservices will face new and old challenges as e.g. privacy, security, safety, availability – but more visible for the public
  8. Facebook will stop growing and users will continuously leave it or become inactive on it.
  9. Microsoft will cooperate with Google to build something against Facebook (including Skype, ebay etc.)

These is my humble list – let’s see in one year what came true. ;)