Overhyped startups and entrepreneurs

Take a look around the startup scene and the people behind. To me it seems pretty much like there is a big hype about all kinds of things. Clouds, SaaS, Facebook, Social Media and many more. And the top topic of all things is: “Funding”. Everyone is looking for investors, no one has money and everyone has a great idea. So what do people do? They gather in groups .. and so we have lot’s of social entrepreneur events and people are getting together.

There is nothing wrong with that but sometimes I think “Is it still about YOUR idea or is it more about the COMMUNITY you are in?” Do we spend more time meeting with people from the same scene or do we actually work and move our projects on? Where is the fine line to have the right balance? Because obviously both is important. But ask yourself: Would you still do the same thing if you were to be alone and there would be no scene and community around you?

Just some thoughts ;)