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A battle to fight – Awareness of the enemy

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

As I am going through some harder times these days I was learning quite a huge bit about what God’s kingdom on earth is like. Many christians seem to deny the presence of the enemy – the devil. When things go wrong, when feelings are hurt, when relationships are going through rough situations and it seems to just break. I was reminded today as I was reading Wild at Heart that the enemy has one major approach: Hide himself. Him making us believe that is it “just us” and that it is “not him” is one of his major ways of messing up our lives.

I can only encourage every christian to really “look for the devil” in a sense of that we need to be aware of the fact that we are not living in a great world and only we ourselves are fallen and make mistakes. But we are in fact in a war. Satan against God, very simple and plain. Somehow though many of us find ourselves explaining things that go wrong on a “human” level (John Eldredge used that term). Once we realize that the source of our troubles doesn’t lie in God but in Satan and his demons fighting against us we can approach our problems from a higher, more godly perspective. Satan wishes nothing more than that we just “accept” troubles and that we blame them on us. Truthfully, it is not that we are any good by ourselves. But in every single christian is Christ and because of that we MUST fight. We are at war, it is nothing that we can “choose” or not.

To read “Wild at Heart” or “The Screwtape Letters” may help you understand, but the deep truth also lies in words word itself. 1 Peter 5:8-9 for example.

We must accept that we are at war and that we have to fight. God is fighting in us, with us but in order to do that we need to realize: The devil is reality and he is fighting against us all the time. Especially the people that would harm him most he attacks the hardest.

Shooting the messenger – Edward Snowden

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Just a few years back and a certain government (several in fact) were hunting the founder and frontman of Wikileaks – Julian Assange. And now, just a few days ago, it seems like as if a similar story happens again. A man becomes aware of a crime a government is doing against it’s own people. A crime because what the government (or parts of it) is doing is against laws in the same country. In this case it even involves foreign countries. So this man is publishing that information that he has in order to work against crimes and to make the world a better place. What happens next is unbelievable. The government and the people being accused of that are hunting that man. They say that his publishing of that information is a crime. So what is that then? I mean you publish a crime and now you publishing the crime is a crime itself?

Not only that, but which country is involved in all of that? The USA – a country that claims to be free and to support freedom. And now someone is being chased because he is doing for what his country is officially supporting everyone to do: Working against crimes.

It will be interesting to see how it all works out especially since it is all in the news now and at least outside of the USA everyone much rather likes Edward Snowden for doing that than seeing it is wrong. I am not saying you should publish everything just blindly, not all information is good for people. But private information such as what you do in the internet and when you call people – should not everyone have the right to at least know but better to be able to control what happens with that information?

And again: Why are we shooting the messenger? Should it not be against the NSA and everyone involved rather than the one who tells us about it? I mean no one will blame CNN to telling us something, so where is the actual difference between a reporter of CNN and Edward Snowden?

I deeply respect Snowden for his courage and the fact that he is telling things like this. A government that spies on it’s own people is just as dangerous as a dictatorship. A government – by definition – should never be trusted but always questioned.

Me saying that as a German may be different but just look into history what ALWAYS happened when people started to trust their government. Questioning is nothing wrong and so I challenge everyone to exactly do that and not to look the other way.

And btw, I am not saying that any of that may be true or not – just “how” do we deal with that? Is it right to blame Snowden for bringing that up?


Painful Growing – Hard but good and necessary

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

It is always easy to look back and say “Oh well, it was teaching me a lot.”. Being in the moment is a complete different story. A moment as the one I am in right now. God pretty much screwed up all my plans/dreams for the future. At least all the ones that really mattered to me. So, what now?

It is painful, it is hard and it feels just awful. The most awful part is to give up control, to not try it by my own strength. I am a broken man, a fallen human being and not worthy anything at all. That’s how I feel and that’s also what I really am.

There is not much earthly hope left at all, nothing seems to make any sense anymore. But still: God is with me, he always was and though I don’t “feel” it (I’m actually surprised how many feelings I have) he still is. And he is not only there but he has forgiven me, he wants to bless me and he makes me like his own son. That is an honor which takes away all breath and leaves me humbled and amazed behind.

To answer the question why I suffer I had to read a book called “shattered dreams” by Larry Crabb. It really told me a whole lot more about how God loves us. He lets us suffer only for one and one purpose only: To intensify our personal relationship with him. To feel how much we really depend on him and that we are in fact less than nothing without him.

So, despite my current suffers and because I know that it is all for the better, I still praise him in this storm. And I am thankful for this experience to grow with him.