A battle to fight – Awareness of the enemy

As I am going through some harder times these days I was learning quite a huge bit about what God’s kingdom on earth is like. Many christians seem to deny the presence of the enemy – the devil. When things go wrong, when feelings are hurt, when relationships are going through rough situations and it seems to just break. I was reminded today as I was reading Wild at Heart that the enemy has one major approach: Hide himself. Him making us believe that is it “just us” and that it is “not him” is one of his major ways of messing up our lives.

I can only encourage every christian to really “look for the devil” in a sense of that we need to be aware of the fact that we are not living in a great world and only we ourselves are fallen and make mistakes. But we are in fact in a war. Satan against God, very simple and plain. Somehow though many of us find ourselves explaining things that go wrong on a “human” level (John Eldredge used that term). Once we realize that the source of our troubles doesn’t lie in God but in Satan and his demons fighting against us we can approach our problems from a higher, more godly perspective. Satan wishes nothing more than that we just “accept” troubles and that we blame them on us. Truthfully, it is not that we are any good by ourselves. But in every single christian is Christ and because of that we MUST fight. We are at war, it is nothing that we can “choose” or not.

To read “Wild at Heart” or “The Screwtape Letters” may help you understand, but the deep truth also lies in words word itself. 1 Peter 5:8-9 for example.

We must accept that we are at war and that we have to fight. God is fighting in us, with us but in order to do that we need to realize: The devil is reality and he is fighting against us all the time. Especially the people that would harm him most he attacks the hardest.