Political Profile

It seems to me that in our days it is almost “forbidden” to show a concrete political profile. The moment you do, it becomes either offensive or even discriminating. To have an opinion that includes that others are wrong (that’s what we think anyway) is rarely seen anymore. And frankly there are reasons. People have used their concrete views and opinions to do some really bad stuff (Navi’s,…). But does it mean we can’t express a concrete opinion anymore? One that does not offend, discriminate or bother people but that is just an opinion?  Okay, let me try this:

Some of my political believes and convictions are:

1. Life & Freedom is the highest right

There is no other right as individual freedom and the freedom to live. And security is not gained by removing freedom. Responsibility goes hand in hand with freedom.

2. Abortion is murder

As long as our scientist cannot “make” or “create” a human being and make it live I do not see any valid reason for murdering an unborn child, whatever stage it is in.

3. Marriage is for one male and one woman – lifelong

This is one particularly seems a little “oldschool”, but that’s what I believe and stand for. They are some few reasons for divorce (such as adultery) but the whole purpose of marriage is to stick together until death.  This also involves that I do not support homosexual marriage and similar things. I do not have any problem with gay people, I just don’t like them being married.