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App Developer List –

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

We proudly announce our newest product: App Developer List
As a company providing app development we are aware of common problems that developers often have:
– Good clients are hard to find
– Many clients have high expectations for developers
– They often lack appropriate funding for what they want done
– Cheap alternatives are available for lower rates

We also know that Clients have similar problems:
– It is hard to distinguish between qualified and unqualified developers
– While rates are low, the service quality is also low
– Cheaper developers don’t care about the apps, just the money
– Too many developers apply to jobs without proper qualification

App Developer List solves these problems by:
– Providing free publication of app requests
– Keeping clients contact and personal information well protected
– Only allowing quality developers to easily look through and apply to jobs after paying a minimal service fee

Some advantages to this system include, that only qualified and interested developers are given access to clients, and clients can be sure of quality due to the fact that developers are already personally invested.

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